Wednesday, January 25, 2012


i remember the first day we first met,
the day where everything in my life change..
you make me a better person,
you taught me on how to love seriously,
you taught me on how to be responsible,
you taught me on how to be real,
and u taught me on how to defend myself...

Talking together through all hours of the night;
sometimes even talking until blinded by sunlight.
The only reason I sleep is because I awake to you;
texting me in the morning, reminding me our love is true.

A lot of people say, that online relationships never last;
but, look back babe on the two months that have since passed.
on this day, November 25, 3:30  pm, Friday, 
is the time where I totally give my whole love for you..

Marriage is forever, as my love for you will always be;
joy is all our future holds, you just wait and see.

So in ending this poem I pour out my heart to say;
to the most perfect man, who I can happily call, my husband.
I love you so much, and I always will...


MISS LANZA said...

semoga bahagia dan kekal hingga hujung nyawa..insyaallah..
taniah for 2nd monthsary..

cha said...

u awal 2 hari dr i hehe. i pn br je 2 months. happy anniversary semoga berkekalan smpai syurga :)