Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby :)


Hi korang...
Actually pada 17 September 2011 ( Sabtu), My fiance punya birthday. Dan bersamaan juga hari yang kami shoot konvo di Unisza... Even kami tak sempat nak celebrate, at least kami still dapat bekerja bersama di hari Lahir dia :)

 Ni je yang nana bagi untuk incik tunang. Kebetulan hari konvo banyak jual bunga.
Pilih yang ada angry bird la...

To My Fiance:

i will promise you
i'll live with my eyes filled with only you
i'll livE with my arms holding only you
from the moment i wake up to when i fall back asleep
i will yearn only for you
dont forget the words"i love you"
i love you forever
on a hot summer day, i will be your shade,
on a rainy day, i will be your umbrella,
if you get tired while walking, i'll even be your chair,
if u need camera to capture the moments, i'll be nikon D300,
when you laugh, i'll laugh with you,
so that you can be twice as happy
when u cry,i'll become a handkerchief and wipe away the tears..
because i only love u..

Photog : Halmus Rihzan

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